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EP / Cassette Split


If you haven’t heard, we released a new EP back in March 2014, after a crooked little isolated winter of recording.  This is available for free/streaming here:

Since then, we have included some of the B-Sides from those winter sessions on a tape split with our friends in !mindparade. Released on Halloween, we’ve got a very limited, hand-numbered run of TRANSLUCENT PURPLE tape cassettes!

◊ Order Tape Cassette Here ◊

$7 / £4.37

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we are part of a cassette split release on Tree Machine Records

We are part of a split cassette release with !mindparade, based out of Indiana, on Tree Machine Records. It is called HERO EP. It will be a limited run of 100 translucent purple cassette tapes, and includes some of our unreleased works.

There is more info on the tree machine website, here

You can also watch the teaser for the EP here.

Have a pleasant day.

Stranger Things: MAY 1st

On wednesday, May 1st, the new Vows album Stranger Things will be released! 

Stranger Things Artwork

Track List:





Kushtaka (Two Beaches)

The Houses Below

The Golden Hour

Blacked Out

White Ring

Stranger Things

Written by J. Hencken and J. Pupa. Recorded @ The Septopus, Charlotte, NC. Produced by J.R. Snyder. Artwork by Lina Hsaio. vowsmusic.com. © 2013.

 ❤ vows