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The Deli NYC: Vows vs. Vows

Thanks to The Deli NYC for the kind words about one of our most recent releases. Also, they acknowledged some recent confusion between us and a recent electro pop group in Brooklyn who also calls themselves Vows. See what they have to say:

NJ’s Vows conjure up noir dreams + plays Cake Shop tomorrow (05.10)

Vows is the electronic project of four New Jersey based musicians from Somerset County – yes we cover the NJ scene that far. But wait… it’s also the name of an electronic band from Brooklyn! May the law suit begin!

Vows on The Deli NYC

‘Nighttime’ off the album ‘Stranger Things’, live in 2012 @ The Village Basement Sessions:


Vows’ self titled EP – As dreamy as it gets

Wonderful review of our new EP VOWS by Sonically Selective. Thanks guys.

Sonically Selective

Dream Pop seems to be all the rage at the moment, and ‘Vows’ from the US are a good example of it. Blending psychedelia with easy listening but schizophrenic pop melodies, their latest self-titled EP takes you on a journey into someone else’s insanely imaginative head, throws you around a bit inside, and then spits you out the other end, making you wonder what exactly it is you just listened to. And I like that.

Similar to Radstewart who I reviewed a couple of weeks ago, Vows are all about strong, charismatic vocals that carry over the intentionally atonal and chaotic music. As the guitars and keyboard slip away from the notes your ears wants to hear, you are drawn to the voice that somehow finds melodies that you never would have heard, and when it all comes back to the chorus in songs like ‘Waste’ that has a great, powerful…

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New single “Come Over My Way”


Today we have released a new single called “Come Over My Way”.  It is free for download on our bandcamp and paired with a B-side titled, “Be You Again”.  We have plenty of new material to share with you for 2014 and if you would like to keep up to date, please feel free to sign up for our newsletter as well as checking in here when you can.

"Come Over My Way", Album art by J. Pupa copyright vowsmusic.com

Square 2

Hello again.  

Apologies for a a bit of silence over the airwaves the past couple months.  

We are busy and healthy and working hard.  Looking forward to 2014.  A ton of new material has surfaced / transpired recently and we are excited to share with you.

That said, we’d like for you to enjoy our most recent release, “Stranger Things” for free.  You can download this at our bandcamp.

Here is hoping what is left of the year is prosperous and safe for you all.  


¦Download the album FREE at our bandcamp ¦

Stranger Things Artwork
Stranger Things Artwork
♥ We’d like to send a warm thanks to Jeremy Snyder for helping us record and master this album. Stephen Masi for recording some guitar on White Ring and letting us use his van for the trek to North Carolina, Rebecca Limeburg for singing on Blacked Out and White Ring, Lina Hsiao for her beautiful artwork, and to all of you for listening. ♥