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DINGUSonmusic.com reviews the new !mindparade / VOWS split

Great little review of the single “Fun” from the upcoming split between us and !mindparade from Tree Machine Records.

Check out the review here

You can pre order the album (Out 10/31/14) through the Tree Machine store – A limited run of 100 translucent purple cassette tapes – ooooooh!

Peep that here.

Have a good’un.

New single “Come Over My Way”


Today we have released a new single called “Come Over My Way”.  It is free for download on our bandcamp and paired with a B-side titled, “Be You Again”.  We have plenty of new material to share with you for 2014 and if you would like to keep up to date, please feel free to sign up for our newsletter as well as checking in here when you can.

"Come Over My Way", Album art by J. Pupa copyright vowsmusic.com

Stranger Things: MAY 1st

On wednesday, May 1st, the new Vows album Stranger Things will be released! 

Stranger Things Artwork

Track List:





Kushtaka (Two Beaches)

The Houses Below

The Golden Hour

Blacked Out

White Ring

Stranger Things

Written by J. Hencken and J. Pupa. Recorded @ The Septopus, Charlotte, NC. Produced by J.R. Snyder. Artwork by Lina Hsaio. vowsmusic.com. © 2013.

 ❤ vows



Hello friends, families, supporters etc.,

Just wanted to take a second to update you all on the current affairs of Vows.

No, we have not broken up.  No, we are not done as a band.  In fact, quite the opposite – we are as busy as we can be right now.

Our guitarist / vocalist Steve is no longer playing with us.  But don’t worry, we all still love each other very much.  He’s our buddy, always will be.

Anyone who’s in a band or plays music knows what relationships you develop in doing so with others and what dynamics are created / left behind when people come and go in your musical group.  That being said, we are just going through a little bit of a construction period with our sound.

At the moment, we are tackling each song to make it work as a 4 piece.  Can’t promise 100% that we’ll stay a 4 piece forever, because Vows, just as much as its organic sound, is an organic project.  We have constantly been changing / shapeshifting like the Kushtaka’s we are at heart since our beginning days as “Everyone” and “The Crystal Mountain Music Collective”.

That also being said, we are 110% devoted to our sound and its perfection.  If we’re happy with it, we know you will be and therefore we are taking our time to ensure that both parties are satisfied.

Our new album, “Stranger Things” is giant ocean of our blood, sweat, and tears and the levee is soon to break, causing massive flooding to eardrums all over the place.  We are happy to tell you, it sounds incredible, and we are just finalizing the absolutely beautiful artwork done by Lina Hsaio and the absolutely beautiful mastering by J.R. Snyder @ The Septopus in North Carolina.

We have a lot of neat and exciting little plans in the works for videos, promos, and special ways of physically releasing this album (even talks of getting it pressed to vinyl) and we want it done right.

Thank you everyone for your undying support, love, patience, understanding, contributions, and friendship throughout all of our “phases”, and we promise our current “silence” we be reciprocated with loud and echoing howls for your listening pleasure.

“Stranger things have NOT happened yet”.


Jeff from Vows