17 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hey dig your band. What’s your year like? I’m a writer and what not, and I’d like to get a story on ya for a day or so. Good stuff. Society told me to tell you that it’s down with ‘born a wolf’.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      Really appreciate the support. What is the Society? Glad they dug “Born A Wolf”. We’d love to help you out our schedule is all over but we always love a good write up. Let us know, or contact us at

      1. I don’t do typical write ups. I would follow you around for a day and then give you a write up. I wouldn’t really interview you. I do more of a hands on creative gonzo style. I’ll look at your tour and see if we could match up. I’m all over the place and can be anywhere in less time than would seem feasible. It would be cool and it was just a thought. Be cool.

      2. Hey Andrew,

        Sounds great man, we’d be down. We have a few shows In February that should be big, are you in New Jersey? Ya man, let us know what works for ya, lookin forward to it.

  2. Thanks for following and liking. The least I could do in return was take a look at your blog, and listen to a bit of your music. So happy I did – I have Blacked Out playing while I write, and loving it. Simon

  3. Hey guys,

    I wish I could leave a comment directly on you post…
    Anyway, super music. It reminds me of Radiohead and Beirut.

    Keep up the good vibe!

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